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shit-faced drunk [Oct. 4th, 2008|06:58 pm]
No Hugging, No Learning
That was the state of my room mate when he gt home early this morning. He was so shit-faced drunk, he retched all over himself and on the corridor floor. Gross, yes, but I have to give him credit for sleeping in the corridor and then mopping up his mess upon waking up. I left him a bottle of water and two Advils before leaving the house because i just know he'd have a mother of a headache today.
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weirdness [Jul. 31st, 2008|05:04 pm]
No Hugging, No Learning
For the past few days, I've been having dreams about my old house in Caloocan and some people from that neighborhood. Last night, someone whom I felt was my mother (like she was supposed to be my mother, only different looking) was in my dream and I told her a long-running problem and frustration I've had. She was pretty judgmental about it, hahaha. I remember 2nd grade when I couldn't memorize the multiplication table and wasn't able to answer at recitation. She sort of scolded me, grilled me on my multiplying skills all evening and then made me talk to the teacher the next day to ask her for another chance. And I wonder why I'm such a ball-cutter 80% of the time; it's in my genes to be tough on people.
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Oim baauuuuuck!!!! [Sep. 17th, 2007|05:26 pm]
No Hugging, No Learning
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]

And aren't you glad? I'm sure you, my fans, have been CLAMORING to read new entries from me HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!! Just clamoring for it! That's the new tag-line: "My fans have been clamoring for me." Use it as often as you want, whenever it applies.

It's been a slow news day. Actually, it's not. There are about a thousand things to do at work and I'm not doing a single one of them right now. I'm kind of tired, physically. I need sleep. It's going to be an early day tomorrow, what with a fashion editorial to be shot.

Speaking of which, I booked this guy model whose face I sort of recognize from other print ads/editorials. Still, he's a no-name as of yet and I don't particularly like his look. Last night, I got a text from his contact or handler, telling me that the other two models have confirmed but that this Indian-looking guy is asking how much we're going to pay him and how long is the shoot going to be.

Now, we don't have shit loads of dolla$ to pay people; I hardly make money for myself in this job and I have even gotten a complaint that I had overspent in my last photo shoot (which is not true). Still, it's a turn off. I mean, who is this guy? WHO IS THIS GUY? Why is he asking stupid shit like how long is the shoot going to be and how much is the pay? Is he a modelling diva of some sort? A divo? I don't get it. How rude. I'm a talent, meaning I do rackets a lot, and I don't ask whoever hires me how much my TF is. It's just rude. I don't even have a set fee even and I've been feeding myself with sideline work for seven years already. It's just bad form and bad manners to mention money when it'll only be the first time that you'll be working with a group. Especially if you're a no-name. And have sub-par looks. Okay, I'm sour-graping now.

Anyway, the ending is that I un-booked him and I told his handler that his talent is a major turn-off. I also said that we pay peanuts to talents but that doesn't matter now because we're not booking that Indian divo. He can just eat curry and shawarma tomorrow. Wait, did I get my culinary references wrong?
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The Simpsons [Jul. 14th, 2007|09:16 pm]
No Hugging, No Learning

With Linda Evangelista and Alber Elbaz. Can you say cute?
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=) [Jun. 14th, 2007|10:40 pm]
No Hugging, No Learning
[mood |amusedJejejejeje!]

Didy, mahal ko na rin si Luis! =D
Will post pictures soon, jejejejejejeje!!!!!
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Tim Gunn, Tim Gunn, if he calls your name, you're gone [Apr. 13th, 2007|05:04 pm]
No Hugging, No Learning
April 12, 2007
The Headmaster of Fashion
NY Times

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I'm not sure why but this hit me [Mar. 27th, 2007|11:21 pm]
No Hugging, No Learning
[music |Fabolous feat. Mike Shorey, B.A.B.Y.]

February 18, 2007
Modern Love
‘La Bohème’ Is Romantic, as Long as I’m Not the Star

I DIDN’T marry my husband for his money, I swear. I married him because he is brilliant, funny, compassionate and handsome. He is also unlike any man I had ever dated. You see, he has a job.

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Balancing [Feb. 15th, 2007|09:20 pm]
No Hugging, No Learning
On one hand, a couple of things make me happy to the point of giddy.

On the other, a couple of issues are really really pissing me off that I feel like throwing dinner plates at certain people's heads.


I guess I'll just block out the pissiness and its causes and just get high with my fantasies.

After all, I had a pretty nice Valentine's.
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magaling, magaling, magaling [Jan. 26th, 2007|01:36 pm]
No Hugging, No Learning
From Dior Haute Couture:

In other news...I never knew you could die from water intoxication! My goodness!

Also, I've heard stuff. Shut your piehole, you dumb broad. I'm so over your ass so just shut it!
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More Miu Miu hotness [Jan. 22nd, 2007|04:55 pm]
No Hugging, No Learning

So I guess given the recent entries I've been posting sporadically in here, the new trend would be 1) posting pictures that I find pretty, whether other people agree with me or not (as if I'd care); and 2) posting cryptic messages seething with and spewing hate to cretins. Unnamed, of course, I've learned my lesson HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Guess the hos, you hos.

Ho above: Hohan.
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